“Giacomo Casanova Style” concept was born in Italy, the project has been engineered in Italy, our prototypes and production have been developed in Italy too, all this for a simple reason: Giacomo Casanova was Italian, we are Italians and this is the place where the best quality is not a benchmark, but a simple must, in every single detail.

“More than being just a brand, it’s an ode to Giacomo Casanova. It’s a love letter to Venice. It’s a dedication to providing extraordinary excellence to you, our customers”.

Our purpose

“We wanted to ensure the curation of the absolute best and the most comfortable men’s underwear and for this we went through hundreds of designs, colour choices and rigorous tests. Our collection features a wide variety of men’s designer underwear which includes cotton boxers and briefs; this includes classics such as black underwear as well as designer underwear in unique colours like Bordò. Our men’s designer swimwear collection features men’s swim briefs and trunks that will take your beachwear experience to another level. In order to honour our never dying love for our Italian origin we have used only the best Italian materials and craftsmanship and heritage at its centre. We want to make products so elegant, exquisite and detailed that it makes our customers feel like royalty when they wear them. We believe that everyone deserves to feel extraordinary, and through our products we wish to offer that sensation to our customers”. 

Our products

“After careful and intense research and going over many prototypes, we came up with luxury men’s underwear and swimwear that’s as sophisticated as it is comfortable. Once the designer has come up with the final draft of the design, our artisans through their talent bring them to life and create the most comfortable boxers and briefs. Our designs are a delightful synchronisation between history and the future, between classic and reinvented and between comfort and fashion to create ground-breaking branded underwear and luxury swimwear”.

Our designs

“To make the entire experience special, our packaging features so many symbolisms, it’s truly a mystery to unravel!Attention to detail is important for us, so we have made sure to reflect our history in all of the elements- from the Venetian colour Bordò, the seal like logo, and the rare poem in Venetian dialect will definitely transport you back in time”.

Our packaging