Venetian roots

Our Venetian roots are evident above all in the name of the brand, but also in the spirit of elegance and sophistication that we have tried to instil in each of our products. The mission was simple: to bring back to life the charm and mysterious allure that surrounded the figure of Giacomo Casanova, the greatest seducer of all time, through a selection of fine lingerie with an unmistakable Italian (and Venetian) style. 

We are not just looking to make premium underwear for men, but to give our customers a truly unique style experience. Everyone deserves to feel extraordinary, even if only by wearing a boxer or brief that carries all the charm and strength of an irresistible figure like Casanova. In an era in which the individual and his needs are regaining their centrality, we therefore thought of making underwear that would bear the unmistakable mark of Venice and one of its most illustrious sons, of a man who rewrote the rules of seduction, elegance and Italian style forever, then spreading them throughout the world. 

Those who wear these garments can immerse themselves entirely in the Venetian dream, returning in mind and spirit to the times of Casanova and his celebrated conquests. It is a luxury experience reserved for people of good taste, capable of appreciating the beauty of life.