Nesso – Hidden Gem

For one of our latest photo shoots we chose the wonderful location of Nesso, a small village on Lake Como. This small town, located between Bellagio and Como, has been known since antiquity for the enchantment of its natural wonders. One of these is undoubtedly the magnificent waterfall that enlivens the locality of the Orrido di Nesso, situated in the hamlet of Coatesa (Nesso is in fact divided into five small hamlets). 

The beauty of this landscape has been celebrated by artists, writers and painters, including the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Alfred Hitchcock (the latter in fact used the hamlet of Nesso for some filming of his movie ‘The Labyrinth of Passions’). It is thought that the name of the town may be linked to a Celtic expression meaning ‘mooring’ or to the name of Tess, the Celtic deity of the waters. 

Anyone visiting this town will certainly not be able to avoid exploring the historic centre and its fascinating alleys, admiring the natural beauty of the village from privileged vantage points. This is a truly perfect setting for our best creations dedicated to Giacomo Casanova, in which all the passion for beauty that characterised the famous Venetian’s life seems to flow.