The Impact of Underwear on Sexual Health

The quality of men’s underwear can also directly affect each man’s sexual health, decisively affecting his levels of personal hygiene as well. In most cases nowadays, men are used to buying their underwear based only on aesthetic factors, taking into consideration only the visual effect produced by underwear on their bodies. Let’s find out together the role of underwear in every man’s physical health, not only from a sexual point of view but also from a purely hygienic one.

Threats to Sexual Life

Underwear that is too tight can seriously compromise every man’s sex life, even causing different kinds of diseases. First of all, overly tight men’s underwear can reduce blood circulation, causing erectile dysfunction and also a general decrease in sperm count. By wearing the wrong underwear, any man would also experience an unpleasant feeling of discomfort throughout the day, inevitably affecting his overall mood and productivity. All this could also have repercussions on a man’s confidence and trust in relationships with others. 

The Ideal Men’s Underwear

The best men’s underwear is one that can provide optimal support for men’s private parts without being too tight, but also not too loose. To achieve these results, it is necessary that the underwear manufacturing material is of the highest quality, possibly made of cotton (a material that possesses remarkable wicking capabilities). Our men’s underwear solutions, such as the black brief with white waistband, are able to combine a high cotton content (at 94%) with an excellent degree of comfort, also made possible by the use of a material such as elastane (at 6%). This special combination ensures a great fit, and is able to safeguard every man’s sexual health.

Practical Tips for Daily Hygiene

Men who lead hectic lives, characterized by constant travel or intense physical activity, should change their underwear even more than once a day. When talking about men’s underwear hygiene, one should always keep in mind that the groin area is probably part of the body that sweats faster than any other and consequently generates the most bacteria. This is a body area prone to irritation or infection of various kinds, so it is necessary that underwear (in addition to being made with the technical features already mentioned) be changed often, so as to avoid any possible discomfort. Wearing the same underwear for too many hours, or even for several consecutive days, significantly increases the risks related to infections and the production of unpleasant odors.

Other Diseases Linked to the Wrong Choice of Underwear

In addition to reduced blood circulation, choosing the wrong underwear could also lead to urinary tract infections and skin diseases. The latter, in most cases, manifest themselves through red spots, abrasions, or hematomas, and in some cases, these conditions may be caused by an overly tight or low-quality undergarment.

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