Unbeatable Men Combination: Including Underwear and Socks For All-Day Bliss

Some may wonder what the point of choosing the right combination of underwear and other clothing is since underwear is worn under clothes. The question is much more complex than it might seem, and it certainly deserves further investigation. We are in a particular historical era in which every person seems automatically geared to always look their best, with a flawless appearance on any occasion. The presence of social media such as Instagram or TikTok, based largely on the visual power of the communicative message, has further contributed to turning people into beings continually obsessed with their appearance as if it were the only thing that matters. And indeed it matters, and a lot.

The quality of our clothing and consequently also of the pairings between different garments can directly affect our mood, thus affecting our days from start to finish. And from the virtuous combination of different garments, such as our special edition brief and any socks, additional harmonies can arise that can strengthen the overall effect of the outfit even more.

The Golden Rule

To effectively mix different garments, one must first pay attention to the nature of the garment itself. You should never mix a high-end garment with a cheaper garment, otherwise, you risk generating a disorienting effect that is vaguely eccentric. Unless you intend to elicit exactly this effect, you should always combine garments belonging to the same category: luxury with luxury, casual with casual, and so on.

In more intimate situations, it is often the case that men are left with only a few items of clothing on, such as underwear and socks. If these two items of clothing are not well coordinated, the risk of looking awkward and ridiculous is very high indeed. All Casanova wannabes should definitely avoid such situations. Luxury garments must be matched together to create a very classy and sophisticated effect that envelops the whole body, but also to emphasize the silent dialogue that can take place between two garments that speak the same language: that of high quality.

Underwear and Socks

A garment such as our Black Boxer with a Bordeaux Waistband should be paired only with socks made of first-rate fabrics, capable of retaining even in their external appearance a certain grace, a discreet refinement. Absolutely avoid all terry socks and those usually used for sports, characterized by a thick fabric that is not really suitable for pairing with premium underwear.

A garment like our Bordeaux Brief with a Black Waistband, equipped with an eye-catching upper band with the brand name and logo, is also able to adapt beautifully to the new trends in vogue among men, who in some cases prefer to make this band visible above the pants. Many do this out of pure vanity, others want to show the world the level and quality of their underwear, as well as its logo. In these cases, it is important that the color of the underwear perfectly matches the shade of the pants, avoiding overly bold combinations such as those created between colors that are too different from each other.

Matching the underwear band with the pants can also work with certain garments that are not exactly in the luxury category, such as certain particular sportswear, but these are still exceptions. Again, the rule we mentioned above applies, and that is to always try to match premium garments with other garments in the same price range, or at least very similar. The best matches do not only produce a pleasing effect from an aesthetic point of view: the very awareness of wearing matching garments, from a certain point of view, also contributes decisively to boosting each individual’s self-confidence, also influencing his or her mood throughout the rest of the day.