Return To You – A Story About Intimacy

The #ReturnToYou campaign revolves entirely around the concept of intimacy. With this campaign, recently launched on our social channels, the underwear and swimwear produced by Giacomo Casanova Style become the very symbols of intimacy, a precious value that can only be rediscovered through a journey of self-discovery. 

The campaign is based on a very precise storyline: the protagonist of our photographs – taken in the desert of Dubai – is venturing into the desert in search of existential answers, as if he were looking for a meaning to his existence. In a historical phase marked by a crisis of values and extreme uncertainty, many men find themselves in the condition of no longer having reference points, feeling useless and lost, at the mercy of events and circumstances. The protagonist of the story thus represents the ideal alter-ego of modern man, who after the pandemic has often found himself coming to terms with himself and the course of his existence. 

At the beginning of the story, the protagonist seems to wander in the desert in search of existential answers, in the hope of finally finding meaning in his own life and thus penetrating the secret of human happiness. Suddenly, he spots another man wandering in the desert: he looks very familiar to him, not least because he is dressed exactly like him (wearing only a swimming costume or underwear). His attitude intrigues him.

He tries to approach him, in an attempt to talk to him and ask him for some information about his identity, but the mysterious man seems elusive, he keeps eluding him. As he wonders where that mysterious figure has ended up, the protagonist comes across some abandoned houses in the desert, some isolated bushes, which prompt him to reflect on the ephemeral and eternally mutable nature of existence. 

The man begins to reflect on the fate of those mysterious people who had built those houses, only to abandon them almost immediately in search of a better place, and wonders what it is that always drives them on, to seek new stimuli and new activities with which to fill their days. He reflects intensely on the lives of these people, so heavily influenced by the desert and its geographical adversities. 

The mysterious man keeps appearing and reappearing, he is always just a few steps away, but he can never reach him or speak to him. The protagonist almost begins to think it might be a mirage, and resolutely continues his journey. He is amazed by the presence of nature in such a place, and asks himself more questions about the mysterious force and power of life. 

While discovering other curious abandoned dwellings in the desert, the protagonist spots a flock of birds heading north at great speed, as if they were chasing something. Intrigued by what he has seen, the protagonist starts heading in the same direction. Along the way he still seems to catch a glimpse of the mysterious figure of the boy seen earlier, but it is increasingly indistinct. Instead, he sees more and more shrubs and bushes, and finally begins to realise that life always finds a way, even under the most difficult conditions.

At the end, when he is about to lose his strength and lucidity due to the oppressive heat, his eyes rest on a kind of oasis in the desert: there is a large tree and a stream, and the birds he had seen just before seem to have settled on the highest branches of the trees (as in the traditional UAE fairy tale, in which birds migrate in search of a better place to live). Near the tree he also notices that familiar man he had never been able to reach, and who intrigues him more and more. He approaches him, wanting to talk to him at all costs. When he is now only a few centimetres away, the figure of the mysterious boy looks him directly in the eyes, then disappears. Seeing his reflection in the stream, the protagonist realises that up to that moment he had done nothing but chase himself. Everything he needs, in this life, is already at his disposal, it is within himself. It is his own intimacy, well symbolised by the underwear or swimming costume he has been wearing since the beginning, and which he has continued to see on the mysterious boy he has been chasing all this time (and who was none other than himself). The answer to her questions was already in front of her eyes, but her senses were still too dulled to see it.